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Investing in India’s future

Since 1956, Lions have been a staple in Indian communities. Lions continued and extensive work in India underscores our capabilities to be a signature corporate social responsibility (CSR) partner who can quickly mobilize to meet the needs of any community in India.

Our proven impact throughout India

Lions have achieved immense impact in India with the help of partners like you.


Lions owned and operated vision hospitals

2+ million

Cataract surgeries conducted to restore sight

100+ million

People immunized against measles and rubella

1.6+ million

Students impacted through Lions Quest social and emotional learning program

36+ million

Liters of clean drinking water accessible annually

Partnerships are ingrained in our communities

In 2014, India became the first country to legally mandate CSR by passing Section 135 of the Companies Act. This legislation provides a valuable contribution and addition to society. LCIF India brings designated Indian CSR funding to communities through local Indian Lions.

₹1 in ₹1 out

100% of your CSR project investment goes directly to projects

Section 80G certified

LCIF India is Section 80G certified, allowing for tax deduction for charitable donations

LCIF and Lions projects closely align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

in India

Lions clubs members in India are ready to carry out your envisioned projects

certified - Ministry of

LCIF India has official CSR certification from India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Community service is what we do in India

Together we can achieve any CSR goal

Company launches public cause marketing campaign with proceeds going to LCIF for a designated project

Company supports the implementation of a largescale Lions led project of the company’s choosing

Company pledges to donate a portion of product sales to an LCIF cause consistent with company values

Company employees engage in local service projects alongside Lions

Company employees donate money or time to LCIF programs consistent with company values

Company backs half of the costs for large-scale, Lions led project implementation alongside LCIF

Partner Spotlight

Johnson & Johnson India

Johnson & Johnson India has partnered with LCIF since 2002 to develop the Sight For Kids initiative. Sight For Kids works to provide school-based eye health education and vision screening. Sight For Kids has sites in Kerala, Talangana, West Bengal and Jharkand implementing over 16 million vision assessments.

Norisys Technologies

Norisys Technologies and LCIF are constructing new educational wings at the Sulochana Mansi Jajodia Terai Lions Public School. These new spaces will be instrumental student learning and development at the school. This partnership will go on to impact 500 students per year, changing the lives of many children.

Coal India

LCIF’s partnership with Coal India has provided tens of millions of liters of clean water per year for the people of West Bengal. LCIF and Coal India have identified high-impact locations to purchase and install reverse osmosis treatment plants and lead grassroots outreach and advocacy to residents about clean water, health, and hygiene.

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