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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Lions Clubs International Foundation India (LCIF India) believes in a philosophy of adopting sustainable business practices, which will benefit communities across India. Read more from our CSR policy.

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LCIF India CSR Compliance

LCIF India follows the compliance requirement and activities as outlined in Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013. Schedule VII outlines applicability criteria for which CSR funds can be utilized.


CSR Committee

The Lions Clubs International Foundation India CSR Committee of the Board is comprised of the following individuals:

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Rebecca Daou
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Lions Clubs International Foundation India
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Sanjeev Ahuja
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Lions Clubs International Foundation India
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Gloria Giri
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Lions Clubs International Foundation India

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LCIF India CSR Projects 


Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital (SGLEH) is a registered non-profit, non-govt. premier philanthropic organization in North Bengal. The services rendered by SGLEH are open to all, irrespective of caste, creed and nationality. Supported by International Charity, Government Departments, Local NGOs and Lions Members, SGLEH provides eye care which is affordable and accessible for blind and visually impaired of eastern India.

Sight saving work of Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital focuses on bringing quality eye services through its network of primary, secondary, and tertiary eye care centers. It invests substantially in upgrading infrastructure, adopting latest technology, and building capacity of eye care personnel in Eastern India. Together with its partners, the organization has for the past 35 years, helped protect the eyesight of lakhs of people and moved from strength to strength to an outstanding height.

The cost of energy from municipal power grids keeps going up, and the importance of maintaining a healthy environment grows every day. Installing a solar energy system is a cost-effective, sustainable, and simple way to reduce your environmental footprint and your energy budget.

Solar energy is non-polluting and renewable. The goal was to provide quality eye care services for underserved communities and reduce the levels of visual impairment in the country, in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

To create a model, energy self-sustainable project for Unit 1 eye hospital at Siliguri-Dist. Jalpaiguri that could help become the first Green Tertiary Eye Care hospital in the North-East. The hospital has created an energy self-sustainable solar run electricity and water supply system which would have a capacity to provide power supply for all seasons during both night and day. The Solar system so installed is warranted for 25 years although AMC charge of INR 30,000/- per year will be payable, which will be borne by SGLEH.


Bangalore Airport City Lions Service Trust : INBDG19684/317E Girls Hostel Project.

Bangalore Airport City Lions Service Trust furnished the Compliance Report of utilization of the Grant amount of INR 11,05, 179.62 for the purpose of upgradation of our Girls Hostel of Bangalore Airport City Lions Service Trust, Bangalore.

As per the terms and agreements the entire amount of INR 11,05,179.62 along with their own funds organized through the contributions from the Lion members of the Airport City and other general donors were spent. A total amount of INR 26,03,496 was used for the upgradation of the Girls Hostel for the following items:

  • Repairing of structure and other civil works
  • Upgradation of Bath Rooms and Toilets
  • Repairing of Furniture like Cots, Ward robes, Tables, Chairs etc.
  • Repairing and upgradation of Sanitary Systems
  • Regularization of Water and Drainage System from Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (Government of Karnataka)
  • Repair and upgradation of Lift
  • Painting of the entire Block
  • Upgradation of Dining and Kitchen area
  • Other Miscellaneous items like Fabrication