In compliance with Indian government regulations, we request you to urgently share the completed Donation Form and KYC information for LCIF India donations made via our website, cheque or electronic transfer by emailing [email protected], if not already done.

Regional Statistics

India has the highest population living below the poverty line.

Less than 20% of rural Indians have access to clean water.

43% of world natural catastrophes occurred in Asia in 2018.

India had the fourth most fatalities from natural catastrophes during 2018.

Statistics from The Borgen Project and Insurance Information Institute

District & Club Community Impact Grant

District and clubs qualifying for the program will have the option to use earned funds to carry out local projects and access those funds through the submission of a District & Club Community Impact Grant application or use them as part of the local matching funds component of other LCIF grant program applications.

Criteria and Application

Matching Grant

Millions of people throughout the world lack access to items and services that many of us take for granted. Through matching grant projects, communities gain access to education, technology, health care, safe places for children to play and many other life-changing improvements. Matching grants involve identifying what a community needs most and making it a reality.

Criteria and Application

Leo Service Grant

Leos play such an important role in the service mission of Lions. We value the contributions of young people to their communities as volunteers and service leaders. Anything we can do to encourage and enhance their service is a win for us all—Lions, communities and the world.

Criteria and Application

Partners in Humanitarian

Our partners help us address crucial humanitarian needs in the most effective way, and on the largest scale possible.

Humanity Needs

Every little bit helps. By donating today, you can be part of a true force for good and positively impact countless lives across India.

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